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Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used in pharmacology for its analgesic properties. It is used as an anesthetic in managing chronic pain, pain for cancer, and palliative care. Highly potent, fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine and 50 times stronger than heroin. These qualities make it appealing to people with substance abuse disorders because it is more intoxicating. It is far more dangerous than other opioids and has the highest mortality rate among them. As one of the most worrying new drugs, addiction treatment center programs are developing regimens dedicated to fentanyl addicts.

Fentanyl used recreationally is manufactured illicitly and sold as pills, powder, blot paper, or drops. Even when legally acquired, a dependence on fentanyl is easy to develop when used for chronic pain management.

Identifying Fentanyl Abuse

If you suspect a family member or an acquaintance is using fentanyl, do not hesitate to contact one of the top rehab centers in Sun Valley. The high mortality rates associated with the substance necessitate quick action to prevent a bad outcome. If someone who has a prescription for the drug runs out quickly, keeps seeking out new prescriptions, takes higher doses than indicated, or starts chewing fentanyl patches, it is an indicator of growing dependence. If they are in denial about their use, getting them help becomes more difficult.

Physical signs of fentanyl abuse include drowsiness, headache, dry mouth, constipation, slurred speech, low blood pressure, inexplicable euphoria, paranoia, poor coordination, nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, indigestion, and abnormal respiration.

Recovery from Fentanyl Abuse

When a fentanyl addict checks into an addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley, the priority is alleviating these nasty symptoms of abuse. Medically supervised detoxification is necessary for any addict, more so one addicted to any opioid. The detox period lasts from four to fourteen days and seeks to remove the drug from the body by helping it adjust to a new, fentanyl-free reality.

A trained professional takes history to establish how severe the disorder is. Chronic addiction causes physical and chemical changes in the brain, and they are not easily reversible. Treatment, therefore, aims at restoring normal brain function and undoing the neural circuits that led to addiction. Whereas good nutrition, exercise, sufficient hydration, and restful sleep are enough to help the body recover, the brain requires more work. The best private rehabs in Sun Valley will insist on admitting patients for inpatient treatment. It is more intensive and allows the professionals enough time to work on the patient. Depending on the responsiveness of the patient, the program can last for one to three months. If progress is slow, the patient can stay for six months or up to a year in some cases.

Following the inpatient program, the patient can return to the facility for outpatient counseling. This offer is available if you attended a luxury rehab in Sun Valley. The extended care helps reinforce the coping skills needed to maintain sobriety. Joining recovery meetings or peer support groups such as NA also helps in preventing relapses.

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