Step 1: 
Rehab Admissions

After being referred to SV Recovery, Inc., our intake administrator will walk you and/or your family member through the intake process to ensure that all of your insurance and medical records are available and in order. Once this process has been completed, you will move to Step Two, which is your individualized medical assessment by our Treating Physician.

Step 2: 
Medical Assessment

Our clients are then given a complete assessment by our Treating Physician, an addiction specialist with over 25 years’ experience, who will provide an evaluation and a course of treatment. This may include any medications needed to stabilize the client through his or her detoxification process.

Step 3: 

The detoxification process can vary from person to person, depending upon their physical needs and any prescriptions that they may require. While it can be uncomfortable for some, at SV Recovery we have the resources to make it as easy as possible. Our staff are fully committed to administer any help or guidance our clients may need 24/hours a day. Detoxification is a short-term process, generally lasting five to seven days. Having resources as an inpatient at SV Recovery ensures our clients well-being and care throughout the drug and alcohol withdrawal process.

Step 4:
Treatment Protocol

Once the detox process has been completed, our clients’ physical health begins to improve, while their mental state now has expanded clarity to begin the next phase of their treatment. Our Medical Director is board certified in both psychiatry and as a medical doctor (M.D.) and as such, provides psychiatric and medical evaluations on how the care program should proceed. Our Medical Director oversees our Treating Physician and our LCSW Counselor, who provides indepth biopsychosocial assessments, onsite, as well as one-to-one sessions with clients and family counseling. Included in this are screenings for depression and suicidal tendencies. This element is crucial to our clients’ recovery as drug and alcohol addictions are often just a smokescreen for other underlying conditions. By treating the core conditions properly, the treatment is much more productive and long-lasting.

Step 5:
Ongoing Therapy & Programs

SV Recovery offers therapeutic treatment methods, reinforced by unique and innovative therapies in a positive and rejuvenating setting of outdoor beauty and quietude. We provide a higher client to staff ratio than most rehab facilities as we are focused on the quality of care more than a high quantity of clients at a time.

Included in a client’s treatment will be individualized counseling sessions by our trained addiction counselor, Group Therapy meetings with others at our residential rehab, and Family Therapy. These sessions provide the opportunity to learn better communication skills as well as “living and coping skills,” to better navigate life’s up’s and down’s after leaving our facility.  We offer group therapies to practice these skills in a mixed setting. As you do so, you will form more indepth relationships of trust and learn how to recognize situations that trigger drug and alcohol use, as well as how to avoid these behaviors going forward.

For many of our clients, Twelve Step meetings will form the basis of their support system offering them a fellowship that will endure as they learn to live as clean and sober individuals. We provide daily access to Twelve Step meetings, retreats and conventions in our local area as we want our clients to meet others who have been successful in using the Twelve Steps and to be comfortable in this setting as they build their sobriety.

Step 6:
Family Interventions

The support of family and close friends can make or break a person’s success in staying drug and alcohol-free. For that reason, we also offer resources, onsite, for families and close friends to interact with our clients in a supervised setting. By educating families about the causes and conditions of alcohol and drug abuse, we can better support and equip in the maintenance of healthy ongoing relationships.

Education is a core component to establishing good relationships. We have the tools and the experience to help addicts and their families recover together and to break the wall of denial, enabling, or ambivalence toward this serious disease. Alcohol and drug abuse is a family disease: whether a family member suffers from it too, or whether they are the recipients of the addict’s behavior, it affects everyone involved from generation to generation. If left untreated, the children may learn this behavior and become the next generation of addicts.

Step 7:
Aftercare Program

Due to our commitment to serve our clients’ ongoing needs, SV Recovery provides continual contact with our clients who complete our 30 – 60 day residential program, long after they leave. Through our Alumni Program, our clients are often mentored by former clients who have been successful in maintaining long-term sobriety. By offering access to role models and maintaining contact with our clients who have completed our addiction treatment and rehabilitation program, SV Recovery is able to offer more than most other rehab facilities. When our clients leave, we refer them to sober living facilities where they can continue their journey in recovery while also remaining a part of our Twelve Step community.

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Our Programs

SV Recovery, Inc. offers one of the best treatment programs available for recovery.  As such, we are able to offer many indispensable therapies that form the foundation for recovery in the treatment of substance abuse, psychotropic disorders, and co-occurring disorders (such bipolar, depression, suicidal ideation and mood disorders). These include:



Rational Emotive
Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy

Family Therapy


Medication Assisted

Treatment for
Childhood Trauma