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The term “Duster” refers to huffing a chemical product of compressed air that is used to clean pieces of electronic equipment. Children or teens often abuse duster as it is easily accessible to them as a way to get high. Duster is a chemically – laden product composed of toxic, hazardous gases that contain fluorocarbons. By inhaling or huffing this product, users lose their motor skills and experience slurred speech and lightheadedness, which can lead to them passing out from lack of oxygen to the brain.

Along with the well-known illicit drugs that are sold on the black market, there are many ways people can get high that you might not even think about. One way is by huffing air duster. Using these products to get high is called huffing canned air, or huffing compressed air.

An air duster, also known as gas duster or canned air is used to clean electronic devices and other items that could be damaged by cleaning them with water. When someone uses canned air or air duster, they press a trigger and then compressed air comes through the nozzle of the container. While it’s just called canned air, these products usually have gases which are compressed to become liquids. Because these canned air products contain gases, the fumes can lead to psychoactive effects, which is known as an air duster high. An air duster high occurs when someone breathes in the gases contained in these canned products. When someone inhales an air duster, it moves the oxygen that would typically be in the lungs and removes the carbon dioxide from the blood, which is why people feel high in some cases.

An air duster high isn’t the only way to abuse inhalants. Inhalants are a broad class of substances that people use as a way to get high. They breathe in the fumes and vapors from these items in order to achieve psychoactive effects.

To achieve a high from an inhalant, users will often place a plastic bag over their mouth, or breath from a rag that’s been soaked in a solvent with potentially psychoactive properties. Some of the items used to achieve an inhalant high are as simple as nail polish and hairspray.

There are varying effects of inhalants, ranging from mild intoxication to hallucinations.

Commonly Known As: Canned air or compressed air.

According to recent surveys, children as young as 12 on up to age 17 are frequent users of duster. In fact, as many as 2.6 million children, or one in four students have tried it by the time they are in eighth grade because it is often easily acquired. Behind alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, inhalants are the 4th most abused substance.

Long-term effects of Huffing

Long-term huffing of duster can lead to severe damage to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys due to decreased oxygenation in the blood.
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