Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

As a 30-day, drug and alcohol residential treatment program, licensed by California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) and accredited by the Joint Commission (JACHO), we focus on providing detoxification, treatment and aftercare to our clients in a supportive setting that also takes into account any co-occurring disorders or family – related issues that may be compounding or triggering their substance abuse. Our staff to client ratio ensures that our staff are always available to help our clients with any needs they may have, 24/7. 

Our Programs

SV Recovery, Inc. offers one of the best addiction treatment programs available for recovery. Each of our staff are certified and registered by the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) with our counselor additionally licensed through CCAPP.  As such, we are able to offer many indispensable therapies that form the foundation for recovery in the treatment of substance abuse, psychotropic disorders, and co-occurring disorders (such bipolar, depression, suicidal ideation and mood disorders). These include:

Additionally, we offer the following Innovative Therapies:

SV Recovery’s treatment programs are all encompassing and take into account specific addictions as well as multiple addictions, providing hope for long-term sobriety.


This creative therapy taps into the creative side of our clients, allowing them to express themselves as they create artwork.


Chinese traditional acupuncture has proven effective in the treatment of pain, in certain instances, as well as for stress management and overall wellness.


This is a trauma-based form of treatment that utilizes a guided breathing technique for releasing blocked emotions under the care of a certified Breathwork facilitator.

to Recovery

This therapy taps into our clients’ creative souls as they write their own lyrics for music which they then perform and record with musical instrumentation.

While undergoing the programs and therapies that are necessary for their restoration, we believe it is also important to allow for relaxation during their downtime through the following:


Our one-acre lot offers abundant opportunities to garden. This is an elective for clients who enjoy seeing the fruits of their labors come into bloom in our flower and vegetable gardens.

Hikes & Walks

While working on one’s emotions and addictions, we also have to pay attention to our physical self. We offer daily, guided nature walks on trails through the hills that surround our property.


We offer an outdoor gym where clients can work out on our exercise equipment to improve their physical selves and reduce anxiety.


Our pool, Jacuzzi, and outdoor hammocks offer abundant views of nature with deer grazing on the hillsides and birds of many species flying overhead. Having this mode of relaxation is a welcoming aspect at the end of a day of therapy.

All told, our unified treatment plan is set up to enhance our clients’ emotional, physical and spiritual lives during their stay, providing healing as they go forth into the world to begin their new lives!


We are SV Recovery: Taking an active stand for the health and welfare of those who rely on us the most!