Suren Harutyunyan

CEO & Founder

Edrick Banks, CADC-II

Program Administrator

Megan DeLeo, RADT-I

Program Director

Azadi Kasabyan

Quality Assurance Specialist Supervisor

Medical team

Dr. Hakop Oganyan

Treating Physician

Dr. Elsa Cruz


Dr. Konstantinos Tripodis


Anne Junco

Detox Specialist

Roxanne Avila

Detox Specialist

Carla Guerra

Detox Specialist

Clinical Team

Lilt Yegiazaryan, MD

Medical Director

Sebastian Vasilescu


Jasmin Rogg


Gina Galperson, CADC-II

Certified Counselor

Support Staff

Daniel Hanson, RADT-I

Resident Counselor

Elizabeth Ordonez Lool, RAC

Resident Counselor

Mason McBride, RADT-I

Resident Counselor

Samantha Palmatier, SUDRC

Breathworks Group Facilitator

Julio Ordonez


Additionally, our Techs provide supervision for our clients around the clock covering three shifts a day as they interact with clients and take them to daily recovery meetings.