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Detox is the shortest part of addiction recovery and is very uncomfortable. Addicts on recovery need support and encouragement to overcome addiction. Medically assisted detoxification helps control drug withdrawal symptoms. It makes the detoxing process tolerable, allowing addicts to overcome withdrawal symptoms and start a recovery journey.

What is medical detox?

These are medical interventions aimed at managing acute withdrawal symptoms. When one stops taking alcohol or the drugs they usually use, their bodies experience some set of symptoms, including nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or muscle aches, among other symptoms.

When you stop taking drugs abruptly, your chances of developing heart failure or seizure complications increases. Patients can avoid these life-threatening complications by receiving medical detoxification in a supervised environment in an addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley. We provide 24-hour medical care, medication, and monitoring to reduce the impact of the symptoms.

Benefits of doing medical detox

Improves safety

Most people think doing a detox at home will be comfortable, but the withdrawal from alcohol or drugs can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous.

Our medically assisted detox programs help prevent the risk of developing increased heart rate, hallucinations, blood pressure, and seizure associated with detoxing.

The withdrawal symptoms may last for days or weeks, depending on the severity of the drug addiction. With our medical detox program, you will have a 24- hour supervision of your symptoms, including those that need medical intervention.

Improved wellbeing and comfort

Our medically assisted detox program improves your comfort. Most people end up relapsing to stop the discomfort. Detox medications used in addiction treatment center programs help in reducing the severity of drug withdrawal symptoms. This allows you to detox successfully and focuses your attention on your recovery journey.

The withdrawal symptoms may have a significant effect on your sense of wellbeing. The process may leave you feeling miserable, making it difficult to see the result.

With medically assisted detox, the medications and other therapies will help in improving your sense of wellbeing.

Physical and psychological health

Drug addiction harms your physical and mental health. Medical detox will address your physical health needs like nutrition and hydration. The medical interventions offer comfort that improves your psychological health by establishing positive thoughts and attitudes.

Reduces risk of relapse and overdose

Detoxing alone makes it difficult to go past the withdrawal symptoms, increasing your risk of relapse. The body reduces its tolerance levels when you reduce your intake. Meaning, the body becomes more sensitive to the drug than before. When the tolerance levels go down, the risk of an overdose increases.

Also, doing detox when alone increase the chances of an overdose as it might tempt you to take the drug in the previous dosage or more to relieve the symptoms.

Seeking help through medically assisted detoxification in top rehab centers in Sun Valley increases your chances of success due to the support and addiction treatment.

Clearing your body of toxic substances can be strenuous, painful, and life-threatening. Undergoing non-medical detox raises the risks of unsuccessful detox. It also reduces your chances of undergoing detox in the future. Checking into the best private rehabs in Sun Valley or luxury rehab in Sun Valley ensures your recovery is a success.

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