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Meth addiction is highly debilitating and is responsible for some of the worst physical transformations of addiction. Methamphetamine is white and crystalline and is administered through injecting, smoking, and in some cases snorting. It leads to a false state of euphoria where it elevates moods, boosts alertness and concentration, and reduces appetite. It is potent even in low doses, making it highly addictive and easy to depend on. For those who abuse the substance, there is hope. Addiction treatment center programs in California can restore their lives and free them from their bondage.

More on Methamphetamine

Meth is an illicit substance, sharing the same restricted class as cocaine and heroin. It is trafficked for recreational use, and its use is widespread in the US and some parts of Oceania. It is abused as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. The ‘highs’ it provides are followed by crashing lows which coerce users into continued use. Withdrawal symptoms suffered by meth users include dry mouth, increases in blood pressure and respiration, diarrhea and constipation, dizziness, acne, numbness, tremors, itchiness, and headaches. Psychological effects include repetitive behaviors, anxiety, depression, violent tendencies, psychosis, and suicidal thoughts. Meth is neurotoxic and is responsible for neurodegeneration and physical changes in the brain’s white and gray matter.

Getting Help

Meth addiction is among the substance use disorders that top rehab centers in San Fernando Valley address. Despair and resignation to a hopeless and desperate life of addiction are easy sentiments to come into when you are struggling with addiction. Like opioids and alcohol, dependence on meth is nearly impossible to break without help. The negative consequences of abuse offer little motivation for users to quit. Those who discontinue using relapse easily if they lack the necessary tools to support their recovery.

The top rehab centers in San Fernando Valley strive to provide comfort as you undergo treatment. Certain factors such as the period of use, frequency of use, and dosages determine what program you are enrolled into (inpatient or outpatient) and the length of your stay. Meth treatment is built on the same framework but is customized to each patient.

Intensive hospitalization programs are ideal for those whose meth use has completely taken over their lives and essentially need to rebuild their lives. The best private rehabs in SFV California offer the perfect environment to detox, decompress, unpack emotional baggage, rediscover sobriety and reinvest in the tools needed to maintain long-term recovery. You will have access to professionals throughout your stay and a chance to interact with peers bearing the same burdens as you. You will learn to find hope in each other as you enjoy social times together and reconnect the ties with your family and friends that were severed by your addiction.

Luxury rehab in SFV CA will offer a resort-like stay and access to amenities and therapies unavailable in standard treatment centers for those with the means. Regardless of where you go in California, the important thing is that you have gotten the help you need and have given yourself a chance at life once again.

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