What “Luxury” Means at our Luxury Rehabs in San Fernando Valley

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June 22, 2021
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Have you been looking at different rehabs in and around the San Fernando Valley, but none of them seem like anywhere you would genuinely want to spend time at? Does it feel like many so-called “luxury rehabs in San Fernando Valley” are not actually very luxurious? The truth is that there are many detox and rehab facilities in the area. Here at SV Recovery, we take great pride in offering a luxurious detox and rehab facility that has the best in amenities, treatment, and care.  


The Best Treatment 

All of our luxurious amenities would not be worth it if we offered anything less than the very best detox and rehab. To that end, we offer one of the best treatment programs available for recovery anywhere. For example, every single member of our staff has been registered as well as certified by the “CCAPP,” which stands for “California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals.” Just as we spared no expense in putting together our facility and the property itself, we spared no expense in putting together the best possible staff, as well. 


“Downtime” that Enhances Your Life 

Your time at SV Recovery will be busy. Between therapy, education, and more, there is so much to cover. That said, there is downtime. Downtime and relaxation are important. While everyone’s treatment plan at SV Recovery is different, everyone’s treatment plan is specifically designed to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. Moreover, these plans are designed so that our clients carry that with them long after they leave SV Recovery, too. To that end, we offer plenty of great outdoor activities that can help to improve your physical selves, reduce stress, and more. Between our outdoor gym, nature hikes/walks, gardening therapy, jacuzzi, outdoor hammocks, and so much more, you can build a better life from the inside out. 


Our Luxury Rehabs centers in San Fernando Valley

 It’s gorgeous here. We can describe the view in poetic terms. We can discuss what it’s like to step outside in the morning and see the bird fly overhead, the deer on the hillside, the pool, the landscaping, and so much more. But, you’re better off just seeing the pictures. We strongly believe that providing the best, most luxurious detox and rehab helps clients’ recovery to not just get clean and sober, but to ultimately find lasting success. 


Our Doors are Open 

We understand that, even with a facility as our luxurious as ours, it can be very difficult to make that first phone call. If you’re in the throes of addiction, it may very well feel like everything in your life is working against you, trying to get you to not make that phone call. Beyond all of our amenities, the luxury, the staff, what we provide here are the kinds of vital services that offer real hope for tomorrow. If you’re ready to take that next step, we’d love to help. Even if you just want more information, you can call us at (800) 627-7077. 

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