Breathwork at Our Sun Valley Residential Rehab: One More Tool for Success

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May 18, 2021
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Have you been looking into residential rehab facilities, but they all seem more or less the same? Does it feel like they just copy and paste the same talking points, the same facilities, from one rehab center to the next? The truth is that you need a residential rehab facility that’s right for you. That means you need individualized care and treatment that takes advantage of the most effective, proven methods so that you can get exactly what you need. At our Sun Valley residential rehab, we offer many different programs and treatments you may not find elsewhere. One, in particular, that’s been proven to be very effective is Breathwork for Recovery. 

What Breathwork for Recovery Is

In the most basic definition, Breathwork is a simple breathing technique. It’s a two-stage rhythm that, at first glance, may not seem like it can do all that much. However, the effects of Breathwork, even early on, can be profound. Essentially, it helps to calm a person’s brain. Through that, it’s able to help someone to feel a true connection to their body that’s more tangible. That is only the beginning. 

Breathwork that Helps Your Feelings

Many folks who’ve gone through Breathwork for Recovery have reported, even after only a bit of treatment, that they’re more aware of emotions that have been buried deep within themselves. In time, that can lead to discovering deep-seated trauma that may have been pushed aside for so long. That’s important for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that so often, those traumas are what a person’s addiction may be a symptom of. Then, by addressing those traumas, Breathwork for Recovery is able to help a person to experience lasting sobriety and happier life. 

Breathwork to Help Your Body

As with just about any kind of treatment or therapy, different people may have different experiences. However, so many have said that Breathwork for Recovery has helped to ease their stress, anxiety, and even depression. Many have found that they’re in a better position to be able to manage their anger, too. If you’re like so many who have struggled with addiction, you may have plenty of defense mechanisms that can slow down or even hinder conventional therapy. As Breathwork for Recovery doesn’t depend on conscious thought at any time, it’s able to navigate around those defense mechanisms, so that you can have a better experience.  

The Right Treatments and Therapies for You at Our Sun Valley Residential Rehab

This blog may have just touched on Breathwork for Recovery, but that is only one of the many treatments and therapies that we offer here at SV Recovery. It’s entirely possible that, when you arrive, our medical experts will determine that Breathwork for Recovery is right for you. However, it may also be that you could be better served by Art Therapy, Family Therapy, or so much else. To take that next step, you can reach us at (800) 627-7077.

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