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SV Recovery is a highly sought-after Sun Valley rehab for addiction treatment and mental health disorders. We offer the best dual diagnosis treatment using a combination of evidence-based programs and nature-immersion therapies.

What makes us the best sun valley luxury rehab for addiction?

As one of the top rehab centers in Sun Valley, we use a whole-person treatment approach to address addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. With some of the most talented, highly educated, and experienced clinicians, we help clients embrace sobriety with an integrated treatment approach. We also create a personalized recovery blueprint for our patients to address their unique needs and wellness goals.

What addictions do you treat?

We treat a wide array of drug and alcohol addictions. Our team specializes in treating addiction to marijuana, painkillers, meth, cocaine, heroin, Benzos, stimulants, inhalants, and sedatives. We also treat dual diagnosis disorders and behavioral addictions.

What addiction treatment programs do you offer?

Some of our premier addiction treatment center programs include medical detox, outpatient therapy, alumni care programs, IOP/PHP treatment, and counseling and therapy services.

Do you use psychotherapies to address substance abuse?

Named as one of the best private rehabs in Sun Valley, we use a combination of science-based therapies and holistic treatments to help our clients embrace sobriety. Some of the core psychotherapies that we use to address dual diagnosis disorders include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, rational emotive therapy, etc.

What holistic treatment do you use to help drug users overcome addiction?

Our holistic therapists engage our clients in yoga, tai chi, guided meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, spiritual therapy, nutrition therapy, and physical training. These programs improve physical and emotional strength and enable recovering addicts to develop a healthy routine and lifestyle.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept all major insurance plans. You can always contact our luxury rehab in Sun Valley to verify your insurance options with us.

What to expect during my stay at Sun Valley rehab?

Your stay at our addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley will be one of the most liberating experiences of your life. Our dedicated clinical team will work closely with you and assist you in every stage of your recovery journey. You should expect to leave our facility with improved physical, mental, and emotional wellness as we provide our clients with an immersive healing experience.

Does holistic therapy help in addiction treatment?

Yes, holistic therapies like yoga, mindful meditation, nature immersion therapies, adventure activities, recreational therapy, etc., play a decisive role in helping you cope with past trauma and attain peace of mind. These modalities also improve your emotional stability, endurance, stamina and alleviate the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

Verify your insurance with us today by reaching us at (855) 941-2002. SV Recovery is a leading sun valley rehab with the highest success rates and several positive reviews from past clients. We can equip you with all the essential skills to stay clean in the long term. Reach us now to learn more about the addiction treatment approach.

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