Sun Valley Marijuana Rehab

With a 24/7 family-like setting, SV Recovery is a premier Sun Valley marijuana rehab with highly effective detox programs. We help our rehab clients regain control over their mind, body, and spirit with a customized detox plan, dietician-recommended meals, and 1-on-1 care and supervision.

Do I need to join a marijuana rehab?

While you may think you are a casual marijuana user, you may have developed an addiction to it without even realizing it. Here are a few signs of marijuana abuse that you should definitely know about:

  1. Bloodshot eyes
  2. Increased appetite and weight gain
  3. Lacking motivation to engage in activities that used to interest you before
  4. Being in a constant state of nervousness or paranoia
  5. Impaired coordination and slowed reaction time
  6. Dry mouth
  7. Dizziness
  8. Memory impairment

Some marijuana users also experience anxiety, impaired judgment, distorted perception, and sleepiness. If you have one or more of these signs, you must seek help from our addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley at the earliest.

How do I beat marijuana addiction?

While deciding to join one of the top rehab centers in Sun Valley for marijuana addiction can be intimidating, it is the only effective and proven method to beat cannabis addiction. No matter how confident you feel about overcoming your addiction at home, it is never advisable to quit drugs cold-turkey or without medical guidance and support.

Joining a marijuana rehab can help you heal and recover from your marijuana addiction alongside your mental health disorders. It can provide you with an opportunity to attain comprehensive recovery and improved physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. More importantly, professional addiction treatment reduces your risk for relapse significantly and equips you with essential skills to lead a healthy, fruitful, and fulfilling life in the long term.

Top reasons to choose us for marijuana addiction

Rated as one of the best private rehabs in Sun Valley, we offer unsurpassed marijuana detox in a state-of-the-art treatment center. Here’s why we stand out from addiction treatment center programs in Sun Valley:

  1. Science-based modalities – We prepare our recovering addicts for sober living via psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, etc. Our experienced therapists use evidence-based modalities to identify and address the underlying mental health issue alongside addiction.
  2. Customized care and 24/7 clinical support – We offer a tailored 30-day drug and alcohol residential treatment program that focuses on medical detox, recovery from addiction, and aftercare. The California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) approves our addiction treatment, and we are a JCAHO accredited treatment center. Our staff offers 24/7 medical care and support to our clients throughout their stay at our luxury rehab in Sun Valley.
  3. Modern amenities – We are a fully enclosed gated property with a spacious living room and private bedrooms with individual bathrooms. Our clients have access to a 55 inch TV, pool table, an outdoor swimming pool, and other luxurious amenities during their recovery journey with us.

Reach us at 1 (855) 941-2002 to join SV Recovery. Sun Valley marijuana rehab is a pioneer treatment facility with world-class accommodations, beautiful rose gardens, stroll paths, outdoor exercise equipment, and several other modern amenities. Verify your insurance with us today!

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