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Opioids are derivatives of the opium poppy plant grown in Asia, Europe, and South America. Heroin is among the substances made from the plant. Its use is widespread because of the euphoric effects it creates in users. It is highly addictive, and repeated use leads to tolerance and dependence in a short time. It is sold as a white or brown powder or a crudely processed dark and sticky substance called black tar heroin.


There are different methods of administration of heroin. Those with a substance abuse disorder prefer injection because of the quick absorption. Other routes include ingestion, snorting, and smoking.

Hardened addicts mix it with cocaine to elevate their ‘high’ or counter their high tolerance. Such people require addiction treatment center programs to overcome their use.


Heroin causes an immediate euphoric state. Other accompanying side effects include dryness of the mouth, heaviness in the extremities, and drowsiness. Mental capacities reduce, and heart function and breathing slow. These latter effects are associated with overdoses and increased mortality rates.

Sustained heroin abuse leads to changes in the brain, disrupting normal neurological and hormonal functions. These changes are mostly irreversible. It also leads to intense physical dependence and high degrees of tolerance uncommon with other drugs. The dependence is due to the body adapting to the chronic presence of the drug. Discontinuation leads to nasty withdrawal effects if done abruptly. Long-term heroin use affects circulatory functions of both the hearts and veins, compromises liver function, and predisposes to pneumonia. It also causes constipation, damaged sinus tissues for those who snort it, and mental deterioration leading to depression, stress, and antisocial behavior. Mitigation of these effects and healing of the affected body systems is the central focus in the top rehab centers in Sun Valley.

Managing Heroin Overdose

There is a high reported incidence of a heroin overdose, which is of concern due to its accompanying high mortality rate. Naloxone, available in the best private rehabs in Sun Valley, is the medicine administered to block the effects of the drug. It binds to opioid receptors, preventing the body from binding with and experiencing the effects of heroin.

Overcoming Heroin Addiction

Despite how debilitating the addiction is, recovery is possible when you have the right people to assist you. A luxury rehab in Sun Valley set in a serene and relaxing landscape is ideal for starting your journey back to sobriety. Supportive and caring professionals surround you round the clock to help your body and mind dissociate themselves completely from the substance. Their presence is invaluable during the detox process. They offer you pharmacotherapy to help your body tolerate the side effects of giving up the drug and an immersive environment with a reassuring aura that helps you cope mentally.

You will continue to receive medicines to suppress cravings as you progress through the treatment. There is daily therapy to rewire your thought processes and address some of the issues that drove you to addiction. Though an addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley will only accommodate you for few months, the tools it equips you with will be enough to assist you in finding life-long recovery.

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