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Cocaine is a potent stimulant that leads to short-term mental effects associated with feelings of happiness and arousal. It is highly addictive, and the first dose induces tolerance to its effect. A user needs a larger subsequent dose to achieve the same ‘high,” inevitably leading to dependence. Those burdened with a substance abuse disorder can receive help in addiction treatment center programs to overcome their need and desire for the drug.

The science of cocaine addiction

Chronic exposure to cocaine leads to a very debilitating addiction. The question of how strong the grip of this addiction is and how the compulsiveness it creates in users to seek the drug is one science has been looking to answer. Much has been discovered so far, and neurobiology can clearly illustrate the mechanisms that transform abuse into addiction.

As reported by top rehab centers in Sun Valley, the typical method of administration is snorting, though injection and smoking are other routes. Injection provides the largest dose of the drug and the most dramatic ‘high.’ This psychological effect is achieved by the drug increasing the availability of dopamine. It interferes with the regulation of dopamine, leading to a buildup of the molecules in the body. These molecules then interact with the limbic system, which in turn generates feelings of pleasure. In a bid to re-experience this artificially induced pleasure, a person finds themselves desiring more of the drug. It is how the entrapment of addiction begins. Cocaine is also responsible for some neuro-biological changes that last for long after abstention from the drug.

Following chronic cocaine use, cessation in any form leads to withdrawal symptoms such as depression, a reduced ability to feel pleasure, fatigue, arrhythmia, and increased risk of stroke. These can be so severe that abrupt stoppage becomes virtually impossible because in looking to mitigate these effects, an addict resorts to using again. Treatment, however, offers a lifeline for all levels of addicts to find freedom.

By understanding the science of cocaine addiction, the best private rehabs in Sun Valley can prescribe individualized treatments that have the best outcomes. From commitment-light outpatient programs to intensive inpatient treatment plans, there are options for even those who have only used cocaine sparingly but are afraid for their future.

Treatment for chronic users starts with a detox. It is arguably the most difficult part of recovery. Every addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley ensures patients are comfortable enough to endure this trying period. Medications help reduce the side effects of withdrawal and cravings as the patient’s body system adjusts to a state of nil exposure to cocaine. Depending on the type of treatment, the period following detoxification works to unpack the reasons leading to addiction, teach coping skills and recovery skills to prevent future relapses. Checking into a luxury rehab in Sun Valley will afford you more time with professionals and more exclusive therapies to help you maintain sobriety.

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