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An eternal trend in healthcare is implementing holistic treatment approaches into more standard therapies for various illnesses in the recent past. However, substance abuse is not an exemption.

What Does Holistic Mean?

Holistic refers to the “whole person” approach to healthcare. Therefore, it mainly focuses on psychological and physical needs and healing. Holistic approaches include yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

What Is a Holistic Treatment Program?

The addiction treatment center from Sun Valley implements holistic techniques that combine physical, mental, and spiritual models. As a result, a comprehensive treatment regimen for drug abuse comes about.

A crucial factor in the majority of the techniques is that they intend to treat the whole individual and improve their overall health. Hence, the treatment does not entirely target specific symptoms. A lot of these techniques also come off as alternative treatments. Some of these treatments are based on practices that are borrowed from cultural traditions. Examples include:

  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Herbal medicines.
  • Acupuncture and acupressure.
  • Reiki and other types of energy work.
  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback.
  • Nutritional therapy.

Therefore, a holistic approach to addiction treatment should adequately address a broad set of factors contributing to the addiction.

Incorporating Holistic Techniques for Substance Abuse Treatment

Some cases may involve holistic approaches with standard recovery efforts. The methods may help a lot with:

  • specific withdrawal symptoms such as massage or acupuncture for muscle aches and pain. In addition, emotional issues such as stress could contribute to patterns of drug abuse.
  • Lack of spiritual grounding
  • Unhealthy eating patterns and habits that cause malnutrition as well as heavy substance abuse
  • Techniques such as Reiki aim to rectify a theoretical energy imbalance through energy manipulation.

How Effective are Holistic Techniques in Rehab?

The individuals who may be considering holistic treatment programs may be uncertain about the effectiveness of the treatments. Much of the research conducted on the various holistic therapies lack an elaborate conclusion, thus leaving the topic highly debatable.

In some scenarios, holistic treatments could attract individuals interested in revolutionary therapies that make them feel comfortable. Moreover, the people could also try research-based treatments that provide chances for long-term recovery. As a result, these treatments make people feel at ease, productive and cope better with detox procedures and rehab.

These holistic therapies prove to be an impactful complement to evidence-based modalities.

Holistic and Conventional Approaches in Treatment

A few experts agree that conventional, research-based detox and treatments for addiction are much more likely to help individuals maintain recovery for a long time. When considering the best private rehabs in Sun Valley, people should research what each addiction treatment center program advertises as holistic offerings. Making inquiries may be necessary, especially on the cost of care, the therapies offered, and the medical staff’s expertise, among others.

Does insurance cover holistic Therapies?

At times insurance may be able to cover the cost of rehab fully or partially. The fee may include the holistic therapies offered.

Please reach out to SV Recovery at 1 (855) 941-2002 to verify your insurance or explore our programs.

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