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Addiction is now widely regarded as a disease. It causes biochemical changes in the brain, explaining why overcoming it is so difficult. Treatment presently seeks to undo most of these changes and impart skills and mechanisms needed to forestall any future incidences of addiction to either similar or different substances.

Treatment is complex because of the different variables in play. Length of addiction, tolerances, comorbidities such as health illnesses, nutritional status, and polydrug use history determine the treatment approach. Addiction treatment center programs offer care through several treatment methodologies. The most common are outpatient and inpatient programs.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

It is not always possible to drop all of life’s responsibilities to get treatment. In such cases where the addiction still requires an intensive approach, outpatient rehabilitation is a viable option. This program entails multiple therapies in a week. A patient resides at their home but travels to a defined location to receive treatment. An addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley offers more than a clinic or a therapist office because programs in dedicated rehab facilities are more intensive.

Treatment follows the tenets of cognitive-behavioral therapy and builds on it with group and family therapy, motivational incentives, and other modalities. Those with mild addictions or those struggling with frequent relapses can gain from this program as it is less demanding on time and money. It allows the patients to apply their lessons in real-life scenarios as they remain exposed to their usual routines outside therapy. It, however, requires robust external support through friends and family, so those with unstable environments at home might benefit less.

Intensive Inpatient Program

It is the program offered by top rehab centers in Sun Valley. This residential treatment involves patients living within the treatment facilities, typically in secluded locations, removed from all distractions of daily life.

Inpatient rehabilitation offers medically supervised detoxification as standard. Following the detox, clients are inducted into the program, usually for three months. The live-in setting is favorable to chronic addicts, polydrug users, and those with acute short-term substance use disorders that are unmanageable. They remain supervised in a safe and supportive environment by a team of trained professionals. The best private rehabs in Sun Valley treat each case individually and customize a treatment plan that addresses their dispositions. The goal of treatment is to change the patients from the inside out.

An inpatient program is better because of the 24-hour care patients receive, ongoing pharmacotherapy, group therapies, and activities like yoga, meditation, exercise, and treatment for any co-occurring disorders such as depression and mania. The controlled environment eliminates triggers and prevents relapses, allowing the treatment to work. Because of its intensiveness, patients must commit to the time away from work, school, or family. Luxury rehab in Sun Valley can be costly.

While no single program is considered ideal, the offerings from the inpatient program are significantly superior because it invests enough time and resources in patients to enable them to find lasting change.

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