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Huffing addiction is also called inhalant addiction. Inhalants are volatile substances inhaled to influence a psychoactive or mind-altering effect. Inhalants can produce similar effects to that of drinking alcoholic beverages. Huffing addiction includes the misuse of household solvents, gasses, and anesthetics.

Huffing is most common among teenagers. People who cannot manage their huffing addiction despite knowing the negative consequences and health effects are typically regarded to have an addiction. Inhalants are readily available at home and in stores. This reason makes it difficult for addicts to quit by themselves. Even those who want to stop may be unable. Inhalants are available, affordable, easy to hide, and legal.

People abuse inhalants by breathing them in through the nose or mouth in different ways. They may sniffle or snort vapor from a container or vessel or spray aerosols directly into the mouth or nose. Some people who abuse inhalants may also opt to place a rag drenched in chemicals over the mouth or nose. They may as well sniff substances from a balloon or a plastic paper bag. It is called bagging’. Some abuse inhalants by pouring them on a shirt or sleeves and sniffing them from time to time. The high from inhalants lasts just a few minutes, so abusers prolong it by repeating sniffing over several hours.

Some of the side effects of abusing inhalants include,

  • Tiredness
  • Behavioral changes such as being insensitive
  • Chemical odors on the breath or clothes
  • Significant decrease in appetite and weight loss
  • A rapid decline in school performance
  • Slurred speech
  • Sudden change in friends and hobbies
  • Depression, irritability, hostility
  • Paranoia

Unlike most substances, inhalants are not detected by urine drug screening. Detection, therefore, relies on the clinical diagnosis of experienced medical professionals. Clinical tests can show abnormal laboratory results. Different methods like gas chromatography are used to test blood and other tissues. If substances are abused for a long time, urine tests are mainly carried out and can trace these substances.

Our treatment facility is one of the top rehab centers in San Fernando Valley. We offer treatment for addiction in different substances. Our treatment methods for inhalant abuse do not differ much from those used to treat addictive behavior. Some of the techniques we use include therapy, family therapy, participation programs, and aftercare.

As an addiction treatment rehab center in San Fernando Valley, we know and understand the needs of the people who call us. We offer treatment in different ways that play a role in ensuring the wellbeing of each individual. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, we teach how to handle stressful situations, coping with cravings, and defeating temptation to use inhalants. The counseling style has helped teens pick up the change and be their motivation–family counseling targets bettering relationships and communication among family members.

Our luxury rehab activity and engagement programs in San Fernando valley offer craft and social experiences, providing a substitute for inhalant use. Our addiction treatment center programs include activities such as games, movie nights, hiking, and more. These types of programs play a significant role in sustaining a non-intoxicated life. We also have residential treatment programs for teens who have more severe inhalant abuse.

Teaching teenagers life skills in schools have helped decrease inhalant use. Life skills objective is on increasing self-esteem, improving personal relationships, communication, and managing anxiety.

Inhalants destroy nerve fibers. Nerve fibers are the communication network of cells in the brain and body, ensuring normal functioning of the body. They also damage brain cells by restraining the amount of oxygen that is supplied.

Generally, inhalant abusers will abuse any available substance. However, the effects of inhalants vary on different individuals. We attend to each person according to their needs and offer our help in our best capacity. We are able and willing to answer when you call for any addiction needs or questions. We have a high rating on being one of the best private rehabs in San Fernando Valley, CA. We are capable of changing the story as we offer the best treatment for huffing abuse.

Please reach out to SV Recovery at 1 (855) 941-2002 to verify your insurance or explore our programs.

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