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Finding a suitable rehab facility for drug and addiction recovery depends on the addiction treatment rehab center in N. Hollywood you check into. Also, Checking into the right luxury rehab in North Hollywood is essential considering the time, energy, and money that goes into such treatment.

Why choose us?

Restoration and rejuvenation therapies

We are one of the best private rehabs in North Hollywood that provides a perfect balance of intensive care with plenty of restoration and rejuvenating therapies. Also known as experiential therapy, this type of therapy is essential for patients who want to participate in engaging therapies.

The dynamic nature of these therapies makes sessions energetic and dynamic. Patients can explore the space they are in as they approach the cause of their addiction.

These therapies effectively tackle substance abuse issues and have proven to be a permanent and effective solution. Also, these therapies help address other touching issues that lead to addiction, such as family issues and depression.

We engage our patients in nature hikes and walks, gardening therapies, outdoor gym, and recreation recovery, among other activities.

Personalized treatment

A custom-built program is the only way to succeed in rehab. We take into consideration the needs and experiences of each patient before we design a program for them. Many factors draw people into addiction, thus the need for tailor-made treatment programs.

The best addiction treatment center programs identify different potential needs of men and women, adults and adolescents, minority groups, and people from other backgrounds. Our treatment and recovery plans address these specific needs to ensure patients get a comfortable space to air their issues.

Medical detox techniques

Breaking from the physical addiction of drugs requires a medical detoxification plan administered by a trained professional. Our doctors will supervise your progress and prescribe the proper medication. We also have medical facilities and equipment that stabilize our patients if they become critical.

Well-rounded therapy options

We offer one-one therapy sessions, which is an essential tool for treating drug and alcohol addiction. We hold one-on-one sessions once or twice every week and increase the frequency depending on the client’s needs.

Also, we offer group treatment that helps patients isolate the underlying causes of their addiction, hence speeding their recovery.

Family-focused therapies

Addiction affects the entire family. Families play a crucial role in patients’ recovery journey.

Dysfunctional family relations create and fuel destructive behaviors. Family therapy sessions improve problem-solving skills, parenting skills and communication.

The session can involve one or more family members. These therapies encourage families to makes changes.

Cognitive behavior therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy used by top rehab centers in North Hollywood focuses on learning ways to reduce problematic behaviors associated with drug abuse. We help clients anticipate risky situations and apply coping strategies such as self-control or avoidance to avoid relapse.

Ongoing training and adequate staff supervision

Having a multi-disciplinary staff helps patients uncover and address many needs that support patients’ recovery and psychological well-being. Our highly qualified staff is an indicator of our high-quality programs.

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