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The development of addiction treatment continues to manifest in the different approaches used in top rehab centers in Sun Valley. Long gone are the generic approaches to treatment nowadays facilities like ours are changing the way we run things. We have high success stats that have made us the most sought-after luxury rehab in Sun Valley. Our facility offers holistic therapy which treats the entire body.

Holistic therapy

Holistic therapy is an alternative form of therapy for addiction and does not use medicine or chemicals during treatment. We understand the value of holistic therapy and that it comes with several options, and we have explored all that in addiction treatment. The idea behind using the possibilities is so that other aspects of the patients can be addressed. Relapsing is a familiar pattern because there are hidden factors that addiction therapy does not address. The hidden factor is that after leaving an addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley, patients have the skills to help them take care of their minds and bodies. Including holistic therapy in addiction treatment programs enables patients to understand how to take care of their minds, bodies, and soul.

Holistic treatment happens in various forms. In our addiction treatment center programs, we keep holistic therapy valuable and fun. We ensure that patients are motivated to keep incorporating these forms of therapy way after treatment. Some of the holistic options we offer include:

Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise acts as a holistic activity. When doing cardio, patients’ physical health is boosted while losing weight and getting rid of toxins through sweating. Cardio helps the brain release endorphins, which sparks good moods. As long as endorphins are released, your body maintains sobriety, which replaces the euphoria experienced when patients use drugs and alcohol.


Massages are relaxing and great holistic addiction therapy. They are ideal for assisting people in recovering the physical damage that comes with substance abuse. Massages help in the blood flow of the body and brain. Massage improves the brain and body’s cognitive functions. They are also perfect for releasing tension and stress, which relieves physical and emotional pain.


Yoga is a physical form of holistic therapy. It helps patients develop flexibility and strength. As you learn to do the yoga poses, you concentrate on breathing and stretching, releasing chemicals that give you calmness and serenity.


Acupuncture uses needles to hit specific body pressure points that release tension and stress in the body. When anxiety and stress are released in the body, the mind follows suit, and the focus from the mind and soul disappears. Through this method, attaining sobriety becomes easy.

Art therapy

In the best private rehabs in Sun Valley, the artwork is part of holistic therapy. To create artwork, the individual is required to move the body to participate actively. Art therapy helps addicts put together their thoughts and feelings and communicate them through drawings, paintings, sculptures, stone and wood carvings, and even moldings. By actively creating art, you lose focus on the need for drugs and switch focus on the masterpiece you are making.

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