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Addiction research has so far given significant insight into how addiction develops. There is more to learn on the physiological mechanisms of addiction and why some people are more susceptible than others.

External influences such as advertising, peer pressure, and observation of drug use are responsible for people trying new substances. When they experiment and find that these substances generate feelings of euphoria, stimulation, or sedation, they develop a need for them. It inevitably evolves into dependence, abuse, and later addiction. However, these external factors receive only little address in top rehab centers in Sun Valley. In finding recovery, the bulk of the work is on fixing what is broken on the inside.

Childhood trauma

Children are malleable, and circumstances and experiences are the tools that shape their psychological development. Trauma takes a toll on adults, so it is unimaginable what it does to children. Unable to process it, the experience festers and manifests in adulthood, usually in the form of drug addiction. Addiction treatment center programs work on unpacking this kind of unresolved emotional baggage to treat addiction.

The reason trauma has such a significant effect on the brain is because of its plasticity. As the organ develops, it forms new neural connections and discards others. In other words, how the brain develops is directly affected by experiences. Negative ones form harmful neural circuits that lead to behavioral and social impairments. The high chronic stress levels affect normal development and increase susceptibility to substance abuse.

Processing childhood trauma in adulthood

When you are admitted to an addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley, you will be asked many questions about your history. It helps formulate a treatment plan to address any negative experiences you might have had in your childhood.

From witnessing domestic violence in childhood to child abuse, losing a parent or guardian, or living with a mentally ill family member lead to undesirable mental development. While these events may carry less weight for an adult, a child cannot make the proper inferences and therefore lives with unprocessed experiences. In cases where they turn to their loved ones and fail to receive needed support, the outcome is similarly dismal. These people readily turn to drugs as they transition to adulthood, hoping to alleviate the gnawing effects of those unresolved traumas. Or they may become addicts by subconsciously mimicking the substance abuse tendency they observed in the adults around them who were entrapped in addiction.

The best private rehabs in Sun Valley collect history thoroughly to establish whether this predisposing factor is to blame for the addiction of new patients. This information allows treatment to focus more on this emotional defect so the patient can accept their past and move on from it. In resolving the past, therapy helps create a bright future, free from the bondage of addiction and emotional distress.

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