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Substance abuse disorders are harmful to both physical and mental health. They are an affliction that the sufferer cannot overcome without help. Addiction is classified as a disease, meaning it merits treatment like other disease states. With a population of over 20 million Americans struggling with some form of addiction, there is a clear need for rehabilitation centers. Only about 2 million among these actively seek out help. The difficulty in admitting helplessness and the aversion to receiving it keeps many people bound to their dependences. For the willing, though, addiction treatment center programs offer a lifeline that can help restore sobriety.

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is complex because the individual factors matter as much as the medications and therapies. Consequently, there are many types of programs on offer to appeal to the different types of clients. Treatment approaches should be evidence-based to lead to better treatment outcomes and determine how much a patient sticks to sobriety post-treatment.

Our Unique Approach to Addiction and Treatment

There are some standards to expect from an addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley. The core treatment approach these centers have is detoxification and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and group and family therapy. We supplement these with a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Our methods are based on science and are tailored to the dispositions of each patient. We are accredited and adhere to all treatment guidelines ensuring quality precedes all our protocols and procedures.

We are among the top rehab centers in Sun Valley, offering inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs. The inpatient program is the more immersive of the two, as it allows us enough time to work on our patients. We also offer partial hospitalization program options for those looking for short-term intensive treatment. Availing of these options ensures we meet you at your point of need.

As a luxury rehab in Sun Valley, our clinical care is advanced. We support you through detoxification with supervision and medications to reduce the physical and mental effects of withdrawal. At the same time, we also reestablish good nutritional habits to empower your body and restore depleted reserves. This nutritional support extends throughout the program. With an in-house catering team and a nutritionist, we keep you nourished during all your waking hours.

No effort has been spared in making our facility one of the best private rehabs in Sun Valley. The location, the amenities, the boarding options, and the lounge areas have all been designed to offer maximum comfort and serenity. Ours is a safe environment that allows you to reflect, repair, and build new foundations for sobriety. We will teach you meditation practices and offer various recovery tools to call upon when triggers or cravings creep up.

We also offer treatment for co-occurring illnesses. Our team comprises experts in internal medicine and psychology and supporting staff made up of counselors and therapists. This diversity ensures you receive care for your underlying psychiatric illnesses that may have inspired or sustained your addiction.

We continue to support you after you leave our facility. While we encourage you to join peer support teams and community sobriety groups, our doors remain open should you need us again in your journey of recovery.

Please reach out to SV Recovery at 1 (855) 941-2002 to verify your insurance or explore our programs.

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