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Many think of drug rehab immediately after the word “rehab” is mentioned. However, addiction treatment center programs help a person recover from addictions, physical and mental illnesses.

What Is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab facilities come in various types, i.e., those that help with specific drug addiction, offer various drug addiction services, etc. Top rehab centers in Sun Valley are gender or age-specific to help with adaptivity and making patients feel comfortable in the environment.

The facilities are available in two types; inpatient and outpatient. The notion that patients are forced to stay is false. Drug rehab can indeed be effective if the patient is willing to do it and change their addictive habits. If by any chance, the individuals are compelled to go to rehab, such as via court orders, the rehab process can still be helpful despite their initial reluctance.

Range of Drug Rehab

Drug rehab centers range from basic facilities to luxury treatment facilities. The type of center one decides to attend depends on their budget or level of insurance coverage. Despite luxury rehabs in Sun Valley offering more amenities than basic ones, they are not always the best treatment centers. Before entering an addiction treatment rehab center in Sun Valley, individuals have to undergo detox treatment.

Detox is the process whereby a patient rids their body of the addictive substance. The duration varies but often takes about a week. Recovering patients are monitored by medical staff and given medications to manage withdrawal when needed. After completing the detox, the patient is ready for rehab.

What is it Like?

Patients do an intake evaluation from an addiction counselor or mental health professional before beginning treatment. The evaluation notes self-reports of substance abuse, medical records, urine screening, blood testing, and more.

Individual therapy assists in identifying your triggers and cope with them. Group counseling allows you to practice sober social skills. It also implements the coping strategies taught in individual counseling.

Family therapy sessions help to fix broken relationships, improve communication skills and conflict resolution skills. The facility may use medical drugs such as methadone or suboxone and behavioral therapy to assist opioid addicts in remaining abstinent. When your rehab program nears an end, your treatment team will create an aftercare plan for you consisting of continuous support.

Rehabs differ; thus, you need to be thorough in your search. As per your treatment priorities, consider a facility that shares your philosophy, such as religion and others.

Committing to Recovery

The medical staff help patients set long-term and short-term goals. Patients commit to themselves and loved ones that they will aim to make positive changes in their lives. Patients in the best private rehabs in Sun Valley are taught how to make healthy decisions and the effects of drug abuse on their bodies.

Life Changes in Addiction Rehab

Patients are encouraged to end toxic relationships that lead to drug abuse. Supportive relationships, e.g., family and other rehab patients, are encouraged. The counselors also teach family and friends of patients how they can assist them. They are taught about coping skills, different drug abuse triggers, and the best ways to show love and support. The duration a patient spends in rehab facilities depends on their healing progress.

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