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Choosing a drug or alcohol treatment facility for yourself or a loved one should not be overwhelming or complicated when you know what to look for. We equip our rehab facility to handle a variety of drug and substance abuse problems. Also, our accredited staff works tirelessly to ensure you get the best treatment.

The best private rehabs in North Hollywood and luxury rehab in North Hollywood rely on evidence-based practices proven through science to offer effective treatment programs. Some of the evidence-based services we use include cognitive-behavioral therapy, twelve-step facilitation, and medication-assisted therapies.

Our services

Comprehensive one-on-one and group therapies

We provide a wide range of therapies effective for treating various forms of addictions. However, we put our clients through several types of treatment to address issues from different angles.

Top rehab centers in North Hollywood, CA, offer different options for comprehensive therapy. We offer group therapy and one-on-one therapies sessions, which are incredibly valuable.

Our one-on-one therapies sessions allow for individual treatment, where clients express their memories and feelings that would otherwise be uncomfortable to share in a group setting.

Family therapies

Rehab impacts both the addict and their entire family. Including families in the recovery process is critical as it would help the patient maintain sobriety. Also, most patients attend therapy to stop causing harm to their families. Therefore, addiction treatment center programs include family therapy sessions in their recovery programs.

Also, we encourage family visits. In our family therapy sessions, we offer an extensive education program and support for your loved one.

Mental health services

Most patients struggling with drugs and substance abuse also have co-occurring mental conditions, including depression or anxiety.

To provide the proper treatment, we first conduct a dual diagnosis. We incorporate care for addiction and co-occurring disorders at the same time.

Medically assisted therapies

We provide medically assisted therapies before beginning the rehab process. Our medical detox unit staff includes physicians and nurses who have expertise in easing discomfort caused by drugs withdrawal symptoms. Ongoing monitoring of our patients is essential for their recovery.

Specialized programs

It is not easy to have specific discussions in a missed group. Our treatment programs use tailored and individualized programs for clients. We conduct gender-specific programs, target treatment for young adults, teens, and other special populations.

Ongoing therapy

Apart from treating addiction, we also have ongoing treatment programs for mental health, anger, and anxiety management. We ensure our clients enroll in continuous therapy to help them overcome anger or anxiety issues that may have stimulated the use of drugs.

Relapse prevention

We designed our relapse prevention program to identify behaviors and relapse outcomes that occur during the aftercare stage. Understanding and preparing for relapse eventualities are essential. As one of the best addiction treatment rehab centers in N. Hollywood, we want to help newly recovered patients to stay sober. We provide clients with the confidence and knowledge they need to live without fear of relapse. Call us today for a rehabilitation program that will be life-changing.

Don’t hesitate to contact SV Recovery at 1 (855) 941-2002 to verify your insurance or explore our programs.

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