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Individual experiences vary but generally, patients who undergo addiction rehab programs are expected to go through four phases of treatment. Intake is the first step then followed by detox, then rehabilitation, and finally aftercare. Our rehab center offers extensive therapy to rectify substance abuse while instilling efficient coping mechanisms and relapse prevention skills. Our addiction treatment rehab center in Burbank offers individual long-term support and relapse prevention opportunities for ongoing recovery.

The Addiction Rehab Process

Transitioning from substance use issues to a sober and healthy life is not a quick and straightforward journey. For some, it takes a long-term commitment of hard work and dedication. The road to recovery and sobriety may be challenging, but our professional treatment helps people work on the endeavor. If you need help understanding what we do at our luxury rehab in Burbank, we have admissions navigators on standby who will walk you through the process while answering all your questions. When you come to us for substance abuse treatment, we see you as a person and not an addict.

Admissions and assessments

Our first phase starts with an intake where we create a customized care plan. When we admit you to our top rehab centers in Burbank, we first ensure you get the treatment options and find out the methodology that works best for you. The objective is to create a personalized treatment plan based on assessing tour social, emotional, and health functioning.

Our team carries out extensive assessments during intake, including psych evaluations, psychosocial assessments, and medical examinations. We also take information about your drug use history, family history, and financial arrangements.


Detox involves dangerous and uncomfortable symptoms. We offer medical supervision during withdrawal to ensure the comfort and safety of patients. Withdrawal symptoms associated with some substance dependence are hazardous and unpleasant. Those at risk of developing dangerous withdrawal symptoms benefit from the monitoring, and medical interventions are also available.


Once you have completed detox, the following addiction treatment center programs phase is rehabilitation. In this phase, intensive therapy happens, and you examine the issues that lead to substance abuse. Selecting a treatment setting needs the patient to understand the available options. We have inpatient treatment programs that remove patients from a potentially toxic home or the work environment so that they can access 24/7 care. If you have familial or work obligations, including taking care of elderly parents of younger children, outpatient care enables you to handle some of the responsibilities. It is an ideal option for patients with mild or short-term addictions.

We also have a partial hospitalization program, a hospital-based form of outpatient rehabilitation. PHP happens in a similar setting as an inpatient treatment program with distinct levels of care. We offer this option to patients with mild or moderate withdrawal symptoms that will not be fatal or need around-the-clock supervision. We create different PHP needs to meet the needs of adults and teenagers.

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